A solution to an age-old question about old age.

Thanks to modern medicine, we are living longer that our previous generation. While this is a good thing, we are faced with the problem of the best way to care for Mom or Dad in their sunset years. What if they can no longer live on their own but are unwilling to give up their independence? What if you are unable to accommodate an aging parent in your home but are unwilling to put them into a nursing home? These are questions that more and more people are being faced with, and fortunately there are companies that are addressing these issues.

The first is a new trend in home building that features floor plans that are known as “next generation” type of houses. These feature an attached apartment, complete with a kitchen and separate garage, built right onto the main house. This way, the parent can have their own space while still being close enough to their family to receive the help they need. Think of it as an updated “mother-in-law apartment”.

The next is a really ingenious idea–it’s called a MedCottage. A MedCottage is a temporary building that can be placed next to a house and it features amenities that you would find in a medical facility. It also has added features like fall detection cameras, lighted baseboards for night visibility, computerized medicine dispensing, and much more.

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