Very Superstitious

Halloween is steeped in superstition–like putting on costumes to trick evil spirits into thinking you’re someone else, or that black cats are Satan in disguise. But did you know that there are lots of superstitions about houses? Here are a few interesting ones:
mydesignchic-com11If you paint your porch blue, it will deter wasps from building nests. This one is widely believed here in the southern states; in fact I have been told this by more than one person. There may have actually been some truth to this at one time, due to the fact that people used to use a product that was known as milk paint. Milk paint had lye in it, which is a insect repellent. It also faded pretty quickly, which means you have to keep re-applying– keeping a fresh coat of lye on the area. There isn’t any real proof that the color is significant, but still, some people swear by it. Also, people used to believe if you paint your porch blue, it keeps away evil spirits because 1.–it gives the illusion that it’s still daylight out and 2.–ghosts can’t cross water.

Broom1When you buy a new house, don’t bring your old broom with you. It’s believed that brooms will hold onto negative energy and bad luck. I guess you just leave it in the old house for the next poor sap to deal with?

bread-sesame-viennaWhen you enter your new home for the first time, you are supposed to bring a loaf of bread with you. It brings abundance and prosperity. I guess while you’re at it, you should bring a new broom too.

knife-gift-origDon’t give a knife as a housewarming present, or your neighbor will become an enemy. Sometimes, that has more to do with their barking dog than anything else, though.

shoes-300x199It’s bad luck to put your shoes on the table. Plus, ew.

SquirrelFlameThrowerIf a swarm of bees land on your house, it will soon burn down. Especially if you use a flame thrower to get rid of the bees.

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