Home Energy Audits and Inspections in the Fort Worth and Dallas Texas Areas

Homes are different. It makes sense that when it comes to evaluating your home for energy efficiency, you should have different
choices. Older homes with poor insulation, air leaks, old furnaces and air conditioners may require a complete energy audit while
newer homes may need a less comprehensive inspection. That is why I feel the need to offer more choices tailored to your home and
your goal of saving on your utility bills
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Services Offered:

Notice: At this time we are not able to provide the duct test certification required for new
construction or replacement systems for city inspections. To obtain this testing , call Fox
Energy Specialists at 817-546-0160

Home Energy Tune-uP®
This is a full home energy audit designed mainly for older homes that are deficient in all areas of energy efficiency. The reporting
software will give you an idea of what improvements and upgrades will give you the best return on your investment and will help you
prioritize your home energy "to do" list. This audit includes blower door and air duct leakage testing.
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General Home Energy Inspection
The general home inspection is for customers that just want information and consultation on what areas of the home need
improvements or do not want to spend the money for a full audit and detailed report. The report is a summary list type that will list the
deficiencies but do not calculate the costs of improvements and savings. This inspection also includes the blower door and air duct
leakage testing.
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Blower Door and Duct Leakage Testing
Blower door and air duct testing is a procedure that is included in the energy inspections but can be performed as a stand alone test
to determine how "leaky" a house is. This test is also beneficial if your home is drafty and can find the areas that may be causing air
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