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Dishwasher Air Gap

What is a dishwasher air gap....and what does it do?

An air gap is the device you see on top of sinks that looks similar to a dome with a slot in the side. You may have noticed a
gurgling water sound coming from it when the dishwasher drains. This device created an air gap in the dishwasher drain line
to  prevent water from the dishwasher from siphoning back to the water supply.

What if I don't have and air gap or have a hole in my sink to mount an air gap?

That is an easy solution.....just route the dishwasher's drain hose above the sink and back down to the garbage disposer (or
sink drain pipe if you don't have a garbage disposer). This high loop will create an air gap in the hose and no air gap
installed on the sink will be needed. See photos below:
Dishwasher backflow prevention
Dishwasher air gap

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